I was raised in a small town in Minnesota, where I spent my time racing dirt bikes and engaging in a variety of action sports. The countless hours spent constructing ramps, rails, and other custom-made structures sparked my interest in mechanical engineering, which I subsequently pursued at the University of Minnesota.

While at university, my fascination shifted from unicycling in skate parks to rock climbing, an activity that soon became a significant part of my life. A few years post-graduation, I moved westward, drawn by the allure of larger rocks, and eventually settled in Salt Lake City. There, I immersed myself in the climbing industry, spending five years designing climbing equipment at Black Diamond.

As a climber, I have consistently been drawn towards low angle technical routes, big wall climbing, and crack lines. Rope soloing has also been a common feature in many of my influential climbs.

I currently reside in Flagstaff, Arizona, where my time is primarily dedicated to local rock climbing and growing at our local makerspace.