I grew up in small town Minnesota racing dirt bikes and participating in a wide array of action sports. These years of building ramps, rails, and other fabricated items led me to study mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota.

At university, my peak interest drifted from skatepark unicycling to rock climbing, which took a firm grasp of my life. A few years after graduation, I migrated to the west in search of larger stones, settling in Salt Lake City. Here I got sucked deep into "the industry" with a five year stint of designing climbing gear at Black Diamond.

As a climber I've leaned towards low angle technical routes, big wall climbing, and crack lines. Rope soloing also seems to be recurring in many of my formative climbs.

I now live in Flagstaff, AZ. My time these days is focused on local rock climbing, small craftsman businesses, and volunteering at our local makerspace.