Design Projects

Greatest Hits

DIY mini portaledge for multipitch projecting comfort. My version, based on the D4 Minime bullet joiner design, features a 2'x3' platform at only 3lbs!

Open Source Design Info Here

A cinch top stuff sack with a zippered phone pocket that slides on your chalk bag strap

Open Source Design Info Here

Inventor of the C4 Trigger Keeper

While working at Black Diamond I invented and validated the wireform trigger keepers to hold large cams retracted while racked.

Founder and designer of Payload Bike Trailers, a small cottage industry bicycle trailer manufacturer in Flagstaff, AZ


Designed, fabricated, and shredded my personal take on the "snowbike". Novel features include a matched "ride height" (pedal to handlebar height) to the standard BMX bike.