Design Projects

Greatest Hits

Various recipes and widgets for Lead Rope Solo free climbing

Open Source Design Info Here

DIY mini portaledge for multipitch projecting comfort. My version, based on the D4 Minime bullet joiner design, features a 2'x3' platform at only 3lbs! 

Open Source Design Info Here

A cinch top stuff sack with a zippered phone pocket that slides on your chalk bag strap

Open Source Design Info Here

Inventor of the C4 Trigger Keeper

While working at Black Diamond I invented and validated the wireform trigger keepers to hold large cams retracted while racked. 

Payload Bike Trailer

DIY burly bike trailer for heavy duty cargo needs


Designed, fabricated, and shredded my personal take on the "snowbike". Novel features include a matched "ride height" (pedal to handlebar height) to the standard BMX bike.