Mini Belay Portaledge

Based on the D4 MiniMe ledge, and the D4 open source bullet joiners, I created a super lightweight aluminum mini portaledge for multipitch projecting comfort. In the spirit of open source design, I have shared all my materials and learnings below for further community iterations! If you take on a build yourself, I'd be happy to provide further tubing bend dimensions and other pattern information.

Design Features:

  • UL Aluminum Tubing Platform - 24 inch x 36 inch deployed size at 3.1lbs (3.4 lbs including haul bag)

  • 3D printed nylon bullet jointers (variant of D4 open source design), press fit interface to 1" OD end tubes (Download my STL file here)

  • Shock corded tube overlap interfacing, based on stock 6061-T6 tubing sizes

  • Lightweight strap and buckle system - 3/4" Polypro webbing and double back steel triglides save weight over standard portaledge 1" steel cam buckles

Required Tools for Construction:

  • Tubing bender with capacity to 1" OD - Version I used here

  • Hand Riveter

  • Tube cutter with capacity to 1.125" OD (or band/miter saw)

  • Deburring Tool, or File

  • HD Sewing machine (Capacity for ~TEX60 thread)

Project Detail Photos:

Information for All Parts and Materials:

Day Portaledge BOM